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is a new technology of “Google First Page SEO” which allows you to place your website in the first page of Google Organic results within hours or days rather than months. This technology utilizes a shuttle type system, where your site will ride on another site; which is then shuttled in to “Top Organic Placement” by “Search Engine Ranking” on the “First Page of Google”, within hours or days rather than several months “ORGANIC ADWORDS”. The advantage of this system is its extreme quick return on your investment within days rather than months and, with several hundered dollars rather than several thousand dollars later. It is very cheap in comparison to regular “OnSite SEO”.
If your site is search engine friendly enough, we will be able to place it on the first page, even without using the shuttling site system, simply a very quick “Internet Marketing” will get you to first page. You can view an example of Shuttle or “Offsite SEO” online, simply do a web search for “Search Engine Marketing this is our “Adwords Optimization Program” 6 out of 10 organic results are our company site as you will see a few are other sites which are carrying (shuttling) or  to the first page of Google.
This technology is not BlackHat or Cloaking, this is a legal and legitimate “Google First Page SEO Garanteed” technology best described as “ORGANIC ADWORDS”.  Please fill out the form on our home page we will contact you immediately or call our “Google SEO Company” at 1.877.737.7427 Ask For Dr. Julian
VSEO : Video Search Engine Optimization

video’s made about your services , products etc……even a video for each service or product that you offer. The more the better!
These video’s can be anywhere from 15 seconds to 15 minutes, but they need to focus on each and every item specifically. If you wanted to get even more technical. You could make a video for a “white cashmere throw”, take footage of the “white cashmere throw”, while giving helpful, to the point, reason why, selling information about the “white cashmere throw”. Make a video for each color if you want, and then make a video with all the “cashmere throws” while giving helpful, to the point, reason why, selling information about the “cashmere throws”.
If we did this same type of approach with each item that is for sale, WOW!!!!   
That would be awesome, you can see that your competition has videos–But not like we would.
A good web-cam or digital camera/recorder will work, once they are made save them and then load them to the server if possible, this would be the easiest way.
Please Call Dr. Julian at 877.737.7427 and start VSEO  Today
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Supplemental “OSEO” Program
Recipe To Success Step # 1
We submit your website URL to top Search Engines, your website starts appearing in the natural search results section, bringing targeted visitors to your website.
Your website will be submitted to a total of 150 specially-chosen Search Engines, this needs to be done with the other steps listed below.

Recipe To Success Step # 2
Create Back-Links from industry leading Directories which will sky rocket your Search Engine ranking & position.
This time enduring step will help your website to move up the ladder towards the top of the natural search results section.
Your website does no good when listed on the 8th page, your website needs to be in the first 20 results. Studies show searchers very rarely get to page 3 when searching, this proves you need to be within the first 2 pages.
We have chosen 400 “qualified” link directories to submit your website, with specific categories being chosen for each directory. Using a different description with each directory submission gives better results, instead of repeat descriptions for all the directories.

Recipe To Success Step # 3
Attract targeted traffic & Pre-Sell possible prospects with articles:
Article directories are visited frequently by search engine “robots” because of fresh content always updated on these sites. When these robots find your website link(s), they start to index & “crawl” your site more often.
Publishing articles will become a secondary “lead-generator” since newsletter publishers look for new content at leading article directories.
We recommend a minimum of 2,000 article submissions, with 3 articles submitted to 700 different sites over time.

Recipe To Success Step # 4
Press Release — Letting The Internet World Know About Your Website.
There are billions of websites on the Internet, and each one is competing for the attention of visitors.
Writing and then submitting a “Press Release” is a for sure way of attracting tons of new visitors to your website. Not only that search engine “spiders” are attracted to “Press” websites, increasing the chance to get indexed and/or ranking up higher, once your site is already listed.
We will write the press release copy, and then submit to 50 “Press Sites”

Recipe To Success Step # 5

Get valuable Back-Links from High Page Rank Classified websites.
Search engines rank your website based on the number of “valuable” links pointed to your websites, we do this to make the search engines happy and improve your websites position.
We will write the ad copy and then submit to 50 High Page Rank Classified websites.

Recipe To Success Step # 6
Blog commenting –
Getting traffic and “valuable” back-links by talking about your website, services or business on various high Page Rank blogs, will result in higher search engine ranking.
We have noticed that most blogs in any niche allow visitors to comment to their posts. This allows you to become an active contributor when you share your thoughts & knowledge on the subject, this also helps to gain better search engine position.
We will comment on 50 different High Page Rank Blogs, with valuable content to the author’s posting, spam is prohibited and not advised.

Recipe To Success Step # 7
Gain Targeted Traffic Leads with Forums –
With hundreds of forums available on any topic, by getting involved on forums in your niche, you will gain targeted traffic constantly & get more “valuable” back-links.
You will become a resource of knowledge and increase your credibility & trust, which will help convert visitors into buying/paying customers.
We will reply/post to 50 forums with original content as spam is prohibited, this included registering for each forum.

Recipe To Success Step # 8
Blast Your Website Content/Information Across The Internet-
RSS feeds automatically sends your content/information to Blogs, Websites, Forums etc, with the touch of a button.
You will create an RSS feed for your website and we will post to different RSS directories.
We will post your feed to 40 RSS Directories

Recipe To Success Step # 9
Social Book Marking sites-
Social Book Marking sites generate huge amounts of traffic, these high traffic sites give visitors the ability to “rate” your site, which will help you to climb up in their listings.
In order for social book marking sites to work well, you need to keep your bookmarks updated, if not your listing drops off.
We will bookmark your website and keep updated at 50 book marking sites.

Recipe To Success Step # 10
Increase Your Search Engine Ranking With Permanent “One-Way” Back links-
The more quality back links your website has the better, it’s that simple.
To achieve this you need to get other websites in your “niche” to link back to your website. You must get links to your website, without giving links.
To get these link isn’t easy, most website owners don’t pay attention to your request. But when approached properly & continually, it’s a positive way at pleasuring the search engines.
We will get 50 quality back links to your website
Recipe To Success Step # 11
Social Networking Sites can be used in your favor, if your not using them your losing them-
Since the creation of web 2.0 technology, these “people driven” websites are the latest trend.
These are sites like MySpace, Squidoo, Yahoo360 and daily are getting thousands of customers.
Getting yourself involved in these sites are crucial, we will create your profiles, start adding content and links back to your site.
We will create 10 profiles with different content, on the top 10 social networking websites.
Recipe To Success Step # 12
Let Multi-Media get the attention of more visitors-
Create short but simple videos about your service or product, we then publish your multi-media content on top websites like Google Videos, YouTube etc.
This helps get attention and also get valuable back links from these sites.
We will create your accounts and profiles, then upload your videos at the top 50 multi-media websites.
Recipe To Success Step # 13
High value one-way links-
With several “wiki” sites that are real people driven, and full of content. You can give input that is valuable, and also receive links that are valuable.
We will create researched content and get involved in the top 5 “wiki” websites.
Recipe To Success Step # 14
Build a community and get seen-
Social networking sites let you also start your own group or join groups already started.
When you build and get active in these communities, there is direct contact with people interested in your service or product.
We will create and get active in the top 5 social networking websites.
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“Search Engine Marketing”
New research from SEMPO sheds light on what’s happening in the search marketing industry today, from the size of the industry to key trends that will shape the year ahead.
The SEMPO sponsored survey was conducted by Radar Research, LLC and Intellisurvey, and drew 553 respondents. This is the second annual industry-wide survey; last year’s 2004 State of the Search Marketing Industrywas released a little more than a year ago. The report had both predictable findings and a few surprises. According to the study, the U.S. and Canadian SEM industry has grown from $4 billion to $5.75 billion, with paid placement accounting for 83% of the total spend. Despite its demonstrated effectiveness and the amount of time and energy search marketers spend discussing organic search engine optimization techniques, SEO accounted for just 11% of overall spending, or $643 million.
Paid inclusion, the controversial practice only offered by Yahoo, drew just 4% of overall spending, or $246 million.
And the market for SEM technologies, including leasing, agency solutions and in-house development, is growing, but still made up less than 2% of overall spending, or $90 million.
The SEMPO study says that the search marketing industry will grow to $11 billion by 2010 in North America.
SEMPO’s numbers are significantly lower than those recently put out by Wall Street research analysts. For example, last week Piper Jaffray’s Safa Rashtchy said that the paid search market alone in 2005 generated an estimated $10 billion globally in 2005, is expected to grow 41 percent in 2006, to more than $14 billion.
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Internet Traffic
The volume and quality of Internet traffic that your website receives is the deciding factor on whether you have a website or a web presence that gets results and drives your leads-to-sales ratio to a whole new level. Sponsored Link Optimization is the fastest and most cost-effective way to increase the volume of Internet traffic to your site where your goods and services can be showcased to the very people that you want to reach! Internet traffic is the life’s blood of your website and if you’re not getting page hits, your site is under-performing and not helping you achieve your goals.
<Call “Google First Page SEO Specialist” Dr. Julian today at 1-877-737-7427 and dramatically increase your Internet traffic in minutes!

SEO expert Dr. Julian has become the most respected “Search Engine Link Optimization” specialist in the industry among “Best SEO Companies” by focusing on the needs of his clients and delivering the volume of targeted Internet traffic that they need to achieve online success. His “SEO Agency” long list of satisfied clients is the best example of his expertise and dedication to his profession and one phone call to him at 1-877-737-7427 can put his years of experience to work for you!
Sponsored Link Optimization dramatically increases the amount of Internet traffic to your website by:

  • Getting your site on the crucial first page of search results
  • Ad content that is action-oriented and crafted specifically to appeal to your target audience
  • Driving targeted Internet traffic to your website
Whether you have a brand new website that you want to get noticed right away or an established site that’s underperforming, one modest investment in “Adwords Optimization” is all you need to get immediate results. No matter how slick your website looks and how engaging the content is, if your site isn’t attracting Internet traffic, it’s not achieving its marketing potential!
Call 1-877-737-7427 today and start seeing a huge increase in your site’s Internet traffic in the short-term that translates into online success for the long-term! Dr. Julian manages the entire sponsored link campaign from conceiving the plan to implementing the sponsored links to creating a report to track the progress of the campaign and everything in between! Call 1-877-737-7427 today and Dr. Julian’s expertise can begin to increase Internet traffic to your site in minutes!
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Website Traffic

Having a great website with engaging content and an attractive, intuitive layout doesn’t do you much good if it is not attracting the volume of website traffic that you need to achieve online success. If your website is not getting results and you’d like to increase website traffic so that your goods and services can reach your target audience, you should consider the advantages of “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO is the fastest and most cost-effective way to increase website traffic NOW so that your site gets noticed and can start generating revenue.

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Everyone’s heard of Pay Per Click advertising but if your ad doesn’t appear on the critically important first page of search results, your money and efforts are not delivering on your investment or producing the website traffic that you need to be successful. If you want to gain the maximum benefit from any PPC ad campaign and get tangible results that make a positive impact on your bottom line, it’s crucial that the campaign is conceived and managed by a professional with many years of experience!
Call “SEO Expert “Dr. Julian today at 1-877-737-7427 and let his expertise drive your website traffic to a whole new level!
SLO expert Dr. Julian achieves consistently positive results for his clients through:
  • Years of experience as a renowned expert in the field
  • Thorough research on your industry and competition
  • Identification of the keywords and phrases that will deliver the largest volume of website traffic
  • Professionally written ad copy that is designed to inspire your target audience to take action
  • Capitalizing on overlooked opportunities that stretch the effectiveness of your investment
If you’re tired of waiting for website traffic to come to your site, drive targeted website traffic to your site with the proven effectiveness of Dr. Julian’s SLO strategies. Lots of Internet marketing professionals offer PPC advertising management but very few are specialists in the field. That’s the difference that puts your ad on the first page of search results without wasting your investment. It’s not a matter of spending the most money, it’s maximizing the effectiveness of each advertising dollar.
Call Dr. Julian today at 1-877-737-7427 and achieve the volume of website traffic that you need to achieve online success NOW!
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